Tapping an icon that plays a sound - limit its play?


I have a button on my app that when tapped searches for a sound file that corresponds to the number of the item in the quiz. The user listens to the file then answers a multiple choice question about it.

I discovered today during testing that if I tap the button multiple times, the sound file plays on top of itself over and over again. It’s pretty annoying. I would like to set the blocks to use this kind of logic:

When G3soundclickr click
do If → sound file is already playing, do nothing
Else → play sound from the database.

I am confident this feature exists, but I am not able to intuit it from looking at the various blocks. Any thoughts? Thanks

Yes, this was noted months ago but has not been addressed yet: No way of knowing if sound playing is done · Issue #1235 · thunkable/thunkable-issues · GitHub

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thank you as always.

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