Tap/click not registered when focused on Text Input

I’m making an app where you type text into a Text Input and then as the Text Input value changes, a Listviewer displays text from a data source that contains that input so that you can tap on a result and store it in a list. But I’m finding that the process requires the user to tap to unfocus the Text Input (hide the keyboard) which feels awkward and unexpected in an app. (See below for a link to a GitHub feature request I created about this.)

So for example, in the screenshot on the left below, if I type “straw” into the Text Input at the top, the Listviewer displays that same text (“straw”) as well as a match from a data source column (“strawberries”).

I then tap on the list item “strawberries” and it should add that word to the list of Entries below. But instead, it just unfocuses the Text Input (hides the keyboard) and appears to the user to do nothing. A second tap on the list item “strawberries” is required to add that to the list below.

Can you think of a way I can redesign this so that the extra tap is not required? I can’t figure out any way to auto-unfocus the Text Input which would fix this.

I’ll also include an example of the way I want this to work. The screenshot on the right is the iOS search bar. When I type in “thunkable”, the app result appears below it and even though the keyboard is on-screen, I can immediately tap on the app icon to launch it. I don’t have to first dismiss the keyboard.

I’ve added a GitHub feature request here:


I did find that using a DVL instead of a listviewer helps a little with this issue. Most (not all) of the time, if I type into the text input field and then tap on an item in the resulting DVL, it registers the tap.

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