Cannot click list items when text input is focused

I have created a smart search where you type in the textbox and you get the search results simultaneously in list viewer. But, the issue is that I am not able to click on listview items when typing in textbox/ text box is focused.

No issue clicking on buttons, but to click on list viewer items I have to first unfocus the textbox and then click list item. any workaround for this issue?

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This is convoluted but I made a setup like this for an app I’m developing… you can have two text input components, one set to editable and one not. When the user taps on the non-editable (“display”) text input, you hide it and show the editable one (set autofocus to true). When the editable one’s text changes…


…you set the display text to the editable text input’s text and then wait a short while (a second? half a second?) and then hide the editable text and show the display text.

My guess is that with the display text visible, the list viewer will be active.

I don’t have time to make a demo just now but … I hope that makes a little sense!