TanayasTable: Los Angeles based food blog

A good friend of mine is an awesome food blogger in Los Angeles and she is great with connecting with her followers on all forms of social media - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, etc, so I wanted to create an app that allowed me to link to all of the native social media apps she is on as well as her blog website all in one app. The app opens with a 3 second start screen shown in the image to the left below. Then the apps opens to her mobile website - tanayastable.com with all her social media links at the bottom of the screen. I used the ‘web viewer component’ to link to her website. Linking to each of her social media accounts within the app, was a bit challenging. This had to be done with an ‘activity starter’ component and I wrote a separate post in the #BestPractices section called How to incorporate social media links into your app using an activity starter.

Please see the .aia and .apk below and let me know if you have and comments!

Tanayas_Table.aia (648.7 KB)
Tanayas_Table.apk (2.8 MB)

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TanayasTable is not working - App dies whenever Back (<) button is tapped.

After trying to make a simple webviewer for days, I must admit I am an idiot for I couldn’t even make what’s supposed to be the simplest app.

Before I could try anything thing else, pressing the back button (>) to go back to the previous page (eg. from page 2 back to page 1 or from any link will simply shutdown the app altogether? This is not suppose to be the case.

After along search, I thought I found the answer with your TanayasTable app - I believe it’s based on WordPress (I tested on the same platform), exactly the same problem - Impossible to go back.

I found something named “go back”, go forward" etc here. Not a single clue how to proceed.

Can you please guide me?

Also, you tutorial on Facebook button doesn’t work. Any idea what are the URLs like if I just want people to my share my blog posts with their friends (not to visit my pages like your example)?