Tabs in Navigation bar?


I would like to show the bottom navigation for a page with 4 tabs. Its no problem to achive this but then the tab-main page is showing up in the bottom navigation. But I would not like to have the page in the bottom navigation menu. How do I do this?

Hi there,
I dont think i understood well what you have said, can you be a little be more clear or attach some images?

For what i understood you only need to move the screen outside the “Bottom Navigation” section to make your screen not shown in the bottom menu

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So, the first image shows my Tabs;

And I would like to show the bottom navigation bar, second picture, when I click between the tabs. But I dont want to have the tabs shown in the navigation bar.


Still not sure about what you meant, but i’ll give it a try.

Have you tried to create a Row-Column system where you put images and labels in order to recreate the “bottom navigation bar” so you can show it whenever you like?
Sorry if my answer doesnt fully reply to your question, i’m struggling to understand the issue that you’re facing. Hope it helps

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