Hide a tab from bottom tab Navigator showing the bar

I found some old topics about this question but none seems to this specific Issue.
I have a bottom tab navigator that should show 4 tabs.
In one of these tabs, there a screen that call a “subscreen”.
In this “subscreen” I want the tab bar to be visible, but i don’t want a tab for it.

I found an option that allow to hide the whole tab bar in a screen but not to hide a single tab.
Is it possible to implement this behavior?
I thought about leave the subscreen outside the tab navigator, but then the problem will be how to show the tab bar…
Here’s a project where i’m testing. The tab has no icon and no text so it’not visible, but it takes up space, In my real case the subscreens are 3 so they will take up too many space.

Thank you

One option is to move the subscreen to the bottom of the Navigator component tree. It doesn’t remove it from the tab but since it’s on the end, it looks a little better than the gap in your screenshot:

Looks like you have to do your own menu on this screen and drag subscreen above navigator
make 2 screens on 1
Visible false/true :confused:

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Create 2 subsreens one on start one on end and menu will be centered:D

Ok, It seems clear that It’s not possible to that, only workaround.
Unfortunatelly having 3 or 4 screen that should not be visible it can be tricky…maybe it’s better not to use tab Navigator but make my own navigation bar and copy it and its code in every page :frowning:

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