Swipe image from airtable


Hello I created an app to show airtable images. the problem and when I click the button for the next image the image makes a flash and another flash, and only then the next image appears. Does anyone know how to change the image without this flash?


Hi, @Fernando_Matos! :wave:
Did the Flash always appear when an image changes?
If yes, I have expirenced this too…
I came out with the solution that,

Replace the image component with Button component and don’t add the blocks for the button component

When you click the Change Image button, the image on the image component changes, right? and it also flashes before changing…
Replacing a button with an image component will solve the flashing problem.

Hope it Helps! :wink:


@Kartik many thanks to your tip worked perfectly


Most Welcome!
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Thanks! :wink: