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SwiftNews (News) is an amazing example of how a JSON API can be covered up in UI and made look good. Built off of NewsAPI an amazing and free API to get the news from many sources, this app has features unlike any other! You can refresh the feed (auto updates every 15 minutes!) and change the source.

Never leave home without your newspaper again! Instead of getting your news by going to the source’s website and waiting for the load you can immediately get it over WiFi or Mobile Data. SwiftNews is also responsive and looks good on almost all devices. Although only on Android iOS is coming soon along with more features! Also get immediate update notifications through the app itself!

Please donate to help the productivity and ad-free-ness of this app. We feel ads will mess up the UI so they are not in the app :slight_smile:

You can download this amazing News app here (if you want the AIA to see how this was made News.aia (102.1 KB))

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You can suggest to add new sources if you want :slight_smile:

Can you please explain how you created such a look with JSON API because even I am working on a project which gets response in JSON format but I am not able to figure out how I can display the response in such a manner.
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It is actually fairly simple :slight_smile: You need a WebView component and then parse the JSON data and style it using CSS & HTML then join the data with data:text/html, and then set the URL to that joined data. Hope that made since :slight_smile:

Note: There are other ways to do this like having preset labels but this is the easiest…

Unable to download the app. After clicking download, it not proceeded further. Please have a look.

can you please send the aia of the app :slight_smile: it would be helpful.


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can u teach me how to create apps like this…pls…i am very interested @Csf30816

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@Anantha_Vijay as mentioned in below quote

we need Html and Css knowledge for creating such apps and if you know that, then you are all set.

Hello :slight_smile:

Sorry, I thought I had included it… turns out I did not. Now I have edited the post to contain the AIA.

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If you did not know HTML & CSS are programming languages for making and designing web pages. HTML basically makes the page and CSS styles it to make it look good. You can find HTML & CSS tutorials all over the place https://w3schools.com is a good place to start. If you want interactive video tutorials on HTML & CSS you should check out khanacademy tutorials. Hope that helps you :slight_smile:

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Added support for other countries news! News now available for United Kingdom, Brazil, and India! (along with the original United States of America)


Oh, I just remembered. Make sure you have ‘apps from unknown sources enabled’. To enable this go to Settings->Security and then check ‘allow unknown sources’ (or something like that)

Hope this solved your problem :slight_smile:

can we put this kind of app on playstore ?
will it strike any kind of copyright strike ?

I think No, The API’s are created to share the data from one source to other ,if the API provider does not want to share his information then he will not create an API at all.Moreover , I request you to have a look at google news stand app , it does not provide news on its own but rather , It just displays the RSS feeds of various news blogs and sites.

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As long as I give credit to NewsAPI.org and to the news sources it should be alright (all that I do in my app as NewsAPI says to do in its docs). The only reason this app is not on Google Play is I do not have a Google Developer account. In the app you can see at the bottom it gives credit to NewsAPI and it says “© <source>”.

I know that Google News does not actually make news articles. But there is not currently a way (that I know of currently) to give attribute to all of the sources that are showing. Also, what do you think “No” about? Again I don’t get the data from Google News, NewsAPI.org does so if you have a problem with their API and how they get the data you should take it up with them not me. I can not change anything about their service, only can I change what sources are available.

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Hey I just replied No for the question Hitesh asked

And Google newsstand was just an example that I have mentioned to Hitesh and I know that you are using Newsapi.org :slightly_smiling_face:

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how to add many sources to the app

hey bro how can we open the link in the webviewer of the app when clicked on news image. coz when i click on the image external browser opens up. is there any way to open the link in other webviewer ?

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Right now it only opens in an external browser. But next update I can add that feature :slight_smile: Thanks for the advice.