Display html imported by rss


I succeeded on my application to integrate a news feed on the home page. When you click on a news it is displayed in full.
I imported my news via an rss url that I converted to json, then that I automatically retrieve on a google sheet.
The problem, when I want to put the content of the news, it displays the html (h3, p, span, etc.) and I would like this html to activate and be ‘understood’ by the application.

Thank you in advance !

Here is the link of my project: Thunkable


Hello little “up” :slight_smile:

In my data viewer list:
I tried to include the data “content” (which is in html) with a webviewer which retrieves the html with a technique that I could see on the forum (scr html)

But unfortunately, the other data is erased and in addition the html is not displayed …

So how do you take html from a data list viewer and display it correctly on the application?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:

Have a good day