RSS feeds into list

Hi, how do you display real time RSS feeds into list so users can click the title?

Or display defined variable as lists?

Perhaps need to web scrape the data first into heading + content variable, then display as list

Hi @talkingtree :wave:

Welcome to the Thunkable community! Can you tell us a little more about the app you’re trying to build and which RSS feed you’re working with?



Hello, I’m trying to build an app that can read out news feeds. RSS would link to the original media website, wondering if the app can be configured to read out from there? Or else the data has the be read out within the app.

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@domhnallohanlon ok done

Sounds good! Do you have any blocks for this yet? What have you built so far?


This one so far


Ah…I see. And what RSS feed are you connecting to?

@talkingtree, there seems to be quite a lot to this project so I’m going to break it down into smaller parts.

Here’s an example of navigating back and forth through articles stored in a Local Table