NEWS App aia - Using card view extension


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Sample APK Link :

Hey guys ,
I developed this app using cardview extension.
Thanks to the developers of cardview extension and thunkable.
this app was developed using another app inventor clone. i posted it here coz it uses cardview extension and developers may get idea to use it.

Promo Video :slight_smile:

Here is the link to download the app. please rate the app if you guys find it useful :slight_smile:

Some screenshots of the app :


Good work.
You used Am i right ?


yep :slight_smile:


I love it, great work!


how to make boomark…pls help me @Hitesh


book mark is also possible. i added it in the latest version of app. you can save the values of the news to the tinydb component and it will work as bookmark.


Great work
I want work same this apk but l do not know how ? :cry:


this app was developed using another app inventor clone …
which clone bro


How I’d you create dynamic cards for the news?


using cardview extension. news is available through newsorg api


Have you had to your application “powered by”?


Can you send me the extension and project file please at [email protected]


Can you share the .aia file. I need to learn .


you can buy the aia file for 5 dollars :slight_smile: or paytm Rs 300 . @Allteach_BD


I am a beginner and I have no payment source to send u. I just want to learn how the webviewer works with newsapi


bro ihavent used webviewer. i used cardview extension for this.


Can you share a screenshot of block that how u load news ?


Of course he will not, as he said that the aia is for sale for 5 USD.
Therefore the question about screenshot is not relevant…
He will not give it for free… :wink:


Hello hitesh i want some similar project can u hlp me?


yah say man