Summer Hackathon #2 -- $500 Prize


Hi Thunkers!

Excited to announce our second of three summer hackathons!

The theme for this month’s hackathon will be Apps for Businesses . Create an app on Thunkable for a business or an idea that can become a business!

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Is it 48 hours like last time?


According to the post
All submissions must be made by July 31st at 11:59 PM PST.


That’s a lot of time :slight_smile:

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1 month!


Fantastic. Would a news app count :stuck_out_tongue: For a local news company near me. It pulls from wordpress.


Hi @eoinparkinson,

Yes. Any app counts as long as it’s an app for a business or an idea that can become a business!


Hi @MINHAJUL_HASAN, you’ve made some very strong (and false) accusations in your post so I want to take a moment to address these individually.

Firstly, the Hackathon team have seen All of the entries. If you take a moment to read our blog post you will have seen that the entries were so good we decided , after reviewing them, to give 2 extra prizes, which we hadn’t original budgeted for.

If you had been asked for an .apk or project link then this would have been the case. However, entrants were asked for a sharing link. The URL everyone submitted contains /copy/ in the path. When we (or anyone else for that matter) opens a link like this it removes all the personal AdMob, Firebase, Stripe, etc. keys. This is precisely because we don’t want remixers to have access to the original Firebase or personal data. When we logged in to “your” app, we were actually connected to our own Firebase. We take privacy very seriously and this is one of the steps we take to ensure this.

The winning application allows users to share goals and to-dos with their friends, this is the very definition of a social app.

I appreciate you taking the time to air your concerns, however in this case, hopefully you now understand that judging was conducted thoroughly and fairly.

If you have any questions at all about Hackathon #2 please post them here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



Our New Video In the Hindi Language For Summer Hackathon #2


Are we allowed multiple entries? I will likely finish my first app with plenty of time for a second and I don’t see a specific prohibition on multiple entries in the rules. Thanks!


Good question Kyle. Given the duration of the competition this time, I think I’d focus on creating the highest quality apps possible, rather than creating several apps.

You still have 27 days to design, test, gather feedback, improve, retest etc. your app.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s entries!

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One question: Can I make my app with theme: “Team Work APP”?
I’m from Brazil and I don’t speak english so good, It’s difficult for me to understand certain things in English.

Thank U!


Hey @mauricio2 - the rules simply say that:

Create an app on Thunkable for a business or an idea that can become a business!

So if you think that you Team Work app is something that your colleagues would use then I think that counts!

Good luck with the Hackathon.


Can I use thunkable classic


I hope someday thunkable will host a competition in Classic also. I have really cool app concept in my mind but can’t execute it because of lack of component in thunkableX


No, you must use Thunkable X.


Hi @Ansh_Anand,

As stated in the rules, please use Thunkable X to build your app.

You can take a look at the rules here.

Looking forward to seeing what you create!


Which component do you need @souvik_bera? Is it an app for business or that could be a business??