Suggestions for screen structure

Hi everyone,

I’m looking to set up some screens for the rehab portion of my app and am hoping to get help on the best way to do it using blocks.

Currently, I’ve been creating a new screen for everything which is definitely not the most effective way of doing it.

Can this be done using one screen? Which blocks should I be using to make this dynamic?

All input would be greatly appreciated, I’m doing my best to learn.

Please read through and search the forums. This same question was posted today or yesterday. After you have tried some solutions, please return with more specific questions and perhaps some screenshots of what you have tried.

Is there one specific thread you think is best? Possible to provide a link, please?

what software did you use to make your flow chart?

Lucidchart because I used it to logic flow my app, too

@jared sent you a DM