Students sharing iPads

I am using the Thunkable app on an iPad. I had two students sign in on the same ipad because students have to share iPads between classes. After they sign out, there is a button they need to press to sign back in. However, they can see every student who signed in on that ipad and no matter what login is selected, they get access to their apps and can check the interface of each without having to type in a password.

Please let me know if this is something that can be changed or how I can work around the issue. I do not want students to be able to access another’s account. I checked the password and accounts settings and there are no saved passwords. Also, I do not see any settings that I can change for Thunkable. I am just not sure how to proceed, please advise with any suggestions.

Hey @mbarilka4au, :wave:

Thanks for reaching out! It sounds like they are just exiting our of the app without fully signing out their accounts.

It mightn’t be very clear where or how to do this so I’ve outlined the steps below:

From the open app, is this case called test_app, click on the Back button to go to the My Apps screen.

On the My Apps screen, click on sign out to fully sign out of Thunkable Live.
Next time you try to sign in your are prompted to choose your username and then you have to enter a password to access your Thunkable Live account.

Best of luck to your students with their apps, please let us know if there’s anything else we can help with.

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Thank you for the response. I actually tried this procedure with them. They are clicking the sign out option which does sign them out. However, when they select either one of the email options to sign back in it does not prompt them to enter a password. I tried the same thing on my phone and it works perfectly, just does not work on the iPads. Please let me know what the solution is or if there is an issue with your app on the Apple iPads.