App fails upon multi-phone access via single account?

Our club uses Thunkable as a learning platform. Teammates develop a thinkable app at one computer through one account. More than one of the teammates could try to use the app on independent phones, in parallel, through that one account. In my test, the app fails on all phones. A frustrated teammate - who does not realize that multiple clients are breaking the app and turns away without logging out - seems to leave the app unusable until logout and making it look like the account itself is broken. This is without any fancy stuff: no database access, no remote API use, etc.

Is there a way to reset phone access to an app from the development environment?

hi @david.cheney9l7,

apologies for the delayed response.

Thunkable is designed to be used by one person per account so we don’t have a way to deal with this.

In the meantime I would recommend that you inform all users that they must log out of their devices when finishing their session.


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