Lost changes on the code


I’m developing a project in the Thunkable X, to do this i am using two computers.
I’ve always been used only my personal computer to make this app, but today i used the computer at my work, and when i arrived at home and opened my thunkable x plataform, for my suprise, all the work i did in my project when i was at work was gone.

What happend? Can i recovery it? Does it has something to do with the overprotected network at my work?

Thanks so much for reading and trying to help me, i appreciate it .

Did you have two instances of the x.thunkable,com open, i.e. the one at home and the one at work?

@domhnallohanlon Can you provide any help here?

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Hi @Mateus_Back,

I think this falls outside the expected use cases for Thunkable, unfortunately.

I would recommend that if you want to use multiple machines to develop your app you should sign out on the first computer before signing into a second one.

I’m gonna try this, thanks for your help.

Actually my machine at home was turned off. Thunkable was not open at the same time on two machines.