All blocks are deletet***?¤¤¤¤¤¤

I just had a bad experience.
ysterday I use a hole day Thunking on my app. When I came home i would go on with my app. Unfortunatly my lap top was locked in on the project and i didn’t think more on that. Then I found out that it have overwritet all the work i have made that day.
Damn I am not happy right now.
Is there any way to get the program that I have made on a serten time yesterday the 19 jan at 7pm???
I really hope for some help out there SOOOOON please…

Hi @funhall,

Sorry to hear about this - I don’t think it’s possible to “restore” your project to a specific point in time (this is actually similar to what the share functions does) but I’ll do my best to help.

First of all I’d like to know more about how this happened. If I understand correctly, you were working on one computer, left that computer logged in and then, at home, you used a second computer to try to continue working on your project. Is that right?


I have done the same thing, logged in with multiple computers, and it has caused issues.

Perhaps we can put a feature request in for single sesson login check?

Keen to see what happens here. I hope it works out for Funhall.


Hi Domhnall
and thanks for your reply. i really hope you can help me.
yes i worked on computer “1” wedensday left it with out lockin out. Then thursday i worked on work computer"2" all day to 7pm I locked out i think when I left for home. Back home i opend computer 1 that still was locked ind but with the “old” version with out the changes i made all Thursday. I made 1 sinkel change and saw that it was not the newest verson and i left, But then it must have save this version on the other big version. So now I miss a lot programming.
Can you follow the problem…
Bt. Martin
Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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Thanks, that makes sense to me now.

Can you PM me w link to your project please?

Sure. it is:
I am sitting with it now so hope you can give me a note if you can do something or not. If you can but not now because the I will wait adding blocks till I hear from you. But I just got to days now were I got the time to program on the app.
Looking forward to your soon rely.
Thanks. Martin