Killer error on Thunkable

Hello guys! I do not know if this is the correct place to report my problem. But I will do it anyway, because it is a serious and urgent case!

I created some applications (webview type with a splash screen) with Thunkable, using the same basic structure. Applications work beautifully if used separately. However, when I open several of them at the same time, the cellular device locks in such a way that it is impossible to use it. The “System Interface application stopped” message appears on the screen and the only option is to turn the device off and give a hard reset. I did the tests with 3 different devices, and the same thing happens! In this case, the user is liable to lose all data saved on his cell phone due to hard reset. This is very serious!

I will share images of the blocks I am using in my applications. I hope you can help me and that the Thunkable developers can verify this failure. Thank you!

This message translated from Portuguese to English. Sorry for the translation errors.

I have to say that I had similar problems with my old phone, but not Thunkable related. I never had this problem with Thunkable. Does deinstalling the Google app help? Your tested phone models would be interesting, it seems to appear frequently on Samsung phones…

Testing in Motorola Moto G1, Moto G3, and Samsumg Galaxy

Can you provide us link to your apk files, or you can upload them here.

I’m making 2 apps available. If you open both steps at the same time, it is likely to happen by mistake and you have to reset your device.

there is problem with this app “donnatrufas” try to redownload it.

I have a Moto G3 and I don’t have this problems. My old phone was also a Motorola and apparently Samsung and Motorola have a problem with “System UI has stopped”