Sign in/out ... Google API

The sign-in process seems fundamentally broken. At least, if using Chrome & multiple accounts.

For example:

  1. Open thunkable
  2. Click "sign in"
    expected behaviour: system should ask me which account to log in to
    actual behaviour: it selects an account from my multiple log-ins in Chrome, and logs me into that account

Another example:

  1. Click “account” on thunkable (top right corner)
    expected behaviour: it shows me which account is logged-in
    actual behaviour: if offers to log me out (without telling me which account it will log out of)


  1. Click “account” on thunkable (top right corner)
  2. Click "log out"
    expected behaviour: it logs me out of
    actual behaviour: it logs me out of all Google account in Chrome (this is VERY annoying behaviour!)

The whole sign-in process seems broken, and needs user research.
I can’t tell whether the fault is with the Google API, or Thunkable’s implementation of it (although, I use many other sites that piggy-back Google for authentication, and I’ve never had this experience before).

As a followup…

App Inventor doesn’t work this way - it obeys the usual Google Login API rules, and doesn’t do the strange behaviour with not specifying which account is being used (and not logging me out of ALL accounts without warning!)

(logging me out of all accounts is a huge problem … and means I’m unlikely to use Thunkable in future - it caused me a lot of issues yesterday, and I lost some work from my corporate account because of it).

I agree on 3, but the rest always uses the main account and not the one’s you added


That’s definitely not the way it works for me - it just seems to randomly select an account.

And none of this works how other systems handle the same process (including MIT App Inventor).

Thunkable seems to have implemented their integration to the G-Login API differently to the ‘standard’ (as best I can tell - as the behaviour seems unpredictable).