Story Game! I need help!

Hiii, I’m new to coding so I’m going to need a lot of help with stuff :sweat_smile:. I’m trying to make a little interactive story aspect to my game. So you can talk to characters and depending on what you say, they can reply with something. If you were to reply to something, they reply with something different. I need help with the coding! If the explanation doesn’t make sense please let me know! Thank you.

Hi @317094wv :wave:

The community here is pretty helpful, so if you share what you’re working on I’m sure someone here will be able to offer guidance.

Are you trying to make something like Zork?

Sounds like the IF block will be helpful for this. Do you have a script or a flow chart to map out the interactions before you create the blocks in your Thunkable Project?

I suppose it’s like Zork but instead of an interactive adventure game I’m looking for a way to talk to characters and a way to interact with the characters but it’s programmed. A bit like how a game called Mystic Messenger is programmed. I don’t usually use a flow chart I just think of the blocks I would need but I’ve been having to ask for help in terms of what blocks to use in the first place :sweat_smile: I also forgot to mention that if you choose a certain option, I want the image to change and the original image to be hidden. I just have absolutely no idea how to make that work. Like when the player presses on an option that doesn’t make the character in the story happy, the image will change to an angrier version of the character, just to express emotion, as if you’re actually talking to the character.

Thanks for the thorough response Abigail.

Two tips so:

  1. Make a simple “proof of concept” app to validate your idea.

  2. Create a flow chart to map out the “decisions” and outcomes that your story will have. It might be ok to keep 10 or 12 interactions and image changes in your head, but as you expand (or if you ever revisit your app in the future!) this will be an invaluable resource to have.

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Okay I made a flow chart…
I just have a problem with the coding. I don’t know what blocks make what I want happen. I understand the if, do, else if, blocks but anything else just confuses me.