Puzzle Game, some ideas but need some advice


I rarely post asking for help or advice unless I am REALLY stuck and have put in hours trying different things and am still stuck :slight_smile: So here goes.

I am working on a canvas with sprites. The item I am trying to make is something of a decoder. It has two wheels on top of each other with symbols around the edges of the wheels. The user turns the wheels to line up different symbols and holes in the top wheel allows them to peer through to see words below printed on the bottom wheel.

I have a sprite of the top wheel and the bottom wheel. When I put them both at 0 axis they line up, I have set click to rotate on the wheels, I can get the symbols to line up and the words appear. All good there.

The problem is, on the phone it’s tiny and hard to make out the letters in the peer through holes. I tried maybe making it so the user can zoom in? But I couldn’t get that to work well. Second thing I tried was making the canvas larger and allowing the user to work with larger wheels and move them around the canvas. This seems like the way that works best for what I am trying to accomplish.

What I am stuck on is getting both sprites to move simultaneously so the top wheel doesnt come away from the bottom wheel. I have looked over a bunch of documentation but it doesn’t seem this is a common practice that has been used enough to warrant a tutorial, or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places.

The second problem is, I have a button that leads back to the main app, with the larger canvas it ends up hidden off screen. I want it to be stuck in a corner of the screen regardless of the canvas size. It’s an obscure function and as of yet I haven’t found a way to do it.

Any advice or links to tutorials would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Hey @carlosanthonyartzk2b really sorry for the delay getting back to you.

This sounds like such a great idea for an app!

Were you able to make any progress on this by any chance?

I thought I was following you up to here:

Are you trying to make something like a cryptex? I thought all the wheels moved independently of one another?


Can you share a screenshot or reference image to give us a better idea of what sort of mechanism/movement you’re trying to re-create?