[Solved] Click twice to rotate sprite

Hi guys, I’m sorry if there is an existing topic regarding this issue, but I couldn’t find any similar problem in the forum.

I’m building a spin wheel, which will spin for one revolution whenever the user presses the image sprite. However, when I tried to press the image sprite for the first time, it will somehow “jerk”, but when I try to debug, the “Sprite is clicked” function was triggered. Until the second time I press the sprite, only the image will rotate. May I know what’s the issue here?

Link to project: https://x.thunkable.com/projects/5db4731903a402661e6cc682/1399fe81-6351-4908-a57f-75a86dccece0/blocks

Hi, can anyone respond to my question please? As I’m experiencing this issue only on this platform, but not on app inventor. If this issue persists, I can’t develop the app for IOS.

Thank you.

Hey @txlim96,

I wasn’t able to reproduce this issue on my end.

According to your own blocks, the wheel should only spin on every second click, this is what you if app app click num is even does.

Incidentally, when do you have app app here and not just app?

Hi Domhnall, thank you for your response. According to my program, it only generates the random number every second click, but it should at least rotate the sprite, right?

Thank you.

I manage to solve the sprite rotating issue by updating the thunkable live app on my phone.

Thank you for the time spent to reply the post.