[Solved] Sprite when clicked works in Live Test but not in APK version

I use numerous sprites in pre-set fixed locations on canvas graphics that the user touches to bring up sprite-specific information in a list and a label.

When testing using live app on my device the sprites function as intended - when I touch them lightly they bring up / display the applicable information in the list & label.

However, when I download the APK to test on my device the sprites need to be pounded on very hard and multiple times to get them to function. This obviously won’t work for the user.

Am I expecting too much of the “When Sprite Clicked” property; possibly that’s why it isn’t called “Sprite Touched”. Although it seems to work as a Touched property in the live app.


This sounds interesting @kristhorsteinssonf4y

Have you tested this on many devices yet?

What dimensions are the sprites - is the clickable area significantly smaller on a higher resolution phone I wonder?

I don’t have the capability to test on any more devices, but the same size canvases and sprites have been working fine on my device and others with AI2 apps and iOS.

The sprites are 10 x 10, on 300 x 225 canvases / graphics.

On further testing the sprites seem to work more reliably when I use a very delicate direct touch in exactly the right location, even when there are no other nearby sprites that could be overlapping the touch point. I never had this “fat finger” problem with similar apps before.

And as mentioned they worked fine with my “fat finger” touch in Live Test Mode.

I’ll see if making them 15 x 15 pixels is any better but then they start to mask the graphic behind them.


I changed the sprites to 15 x 15 and they seem to work much better, no need to be careful with the touch pressure. They’re a little bigger than I hoped, but not a problem (see screen shot). Odd that I’ve never had a problem with 10 x 10 on similar apps before. I have 6 other apps done in AI2 that use 10 x 10 pixel sprites.

Now if I can just figure out how to make an iOS / Apple version, which was my reason for switching to Thunkable…


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Great stuff - glad to hear that!

This is literally the reason Thunkable exists! :joy:

If you click on the “Publish iOS” button then you can send this straight to your TestFlight and/or App Store account:

As a side note here, if you choose to Publish as a web app then your project will get a unique URL that can be accessed from the web browser of any mobile device and you get to side-step the app stores entirely. Not sure whether or not that meets your project needs though - do let me know!


For whatever reason @kristhorsteinssonf4y - I can’t seem to click on any of these Play Store icons. I’m using Chrome, would that make any difference?

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Thanks for the heads-up! I’ll have to see what the problem with the links is.

Can’t wait to try out the iOS or Web versions!

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