Html example with sprite movement

Hi, here a small example with sprite movement on html with webviewer.
The html assets are from github and html bestcodes from the web.

When seeing these html examples, I think that it could not be so hard to provide us with a canvas and drawing methods in the thunkable x environmentā€¦ :wink:


I think link not work

OK, corrected

I am so excited to try this out - but it looks like you have the app set as private and it canā€™t be opened with a regular thunkable account. I would love to be able to see how to do sprite movement if you can help out.


To work with sprites will have to use WebViewer. I do not have an example with a sprite, but an example of working with a WebViewer is shown on the scrCanvas and scrHTML screens.

To work with sprites, it is better to use some kind of framework - tree.js, processing.js and the like.

FYI, Canvas and sprite components (along with some game physics, collision detection, etc) are currently in development and should be available within a month or two.