My new thunkable project

Hi, i am done with a project. Can you tell things i can enhance in this? Here is the link- Thunkable

It’s helpful if you explain what the project is and maybe post screenshots as well.

I tried playing it and if you go to the info screen, there’s no way to start the game from there or to go back to the menu.

And the info/instructions don’t explain how to move or what the controls are.

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Hey @tanish-satpal

Thanks for sharing. Can you provide some more context here, this will likely attract more feedback. Users are wary of just cliking links blindly.

Perhaps some explanation as @tatiang mentioned would be nice here! :slight_smile:


There is a drawer navigator. Please use that-

Also, The map isn’t working. You can’t choose between polus, skeld or mira hq. Can you tell me any way to fix it?

I added a label to screen2 and for some reason, it’s not running the last block here:

The label value doesn’t change.

But if I remove these blocks, it changes value:

But that changes the whole game!

There is something wrong in the code

Its not working

Why not make separate screens for different maps? That may work

Its working perrfectly now! Thanks!

Glad to hear that. What was the problem? Sharing that info might help someone else later.

Thunk able can’t change stage pictures. So he built separate screens with each canvas with a different map. It simplifies the code too! Remix it and check youself