Storing data and detecting dangerous contrads for users

Hello, I am a student that needs to create an app that’s dedicated to storing medicinal history for users and analyzing any new medicine inputted to see if they’re contrads or will cause harm to the user. So far I just need to produce a simple:

drug x cannot mix with drug y
drug y cannot mix with drug z
drug z cannot mix with drug y

and so on and so forth.

but I am currently stuck on how to go about it. This is my first time using this website so I’m not really sure how it works except for the universal code language it uses.

Here are a couple of questions, I am unable to get an answer through tutorials from:

  1. For the initial database (such as storing the data that drug x cannot mix with drug y ) should I use a datasource or just a local database

  2. When I make individual storage spaces to store medicinal history(like with usernames and paswords), can I still use local storage?

these are just some of the questions I have but I don’t want to overwhelm anyone, I’d appreciate any help at all.

Thank you very much.

This question is best answered with another question: do you want ALL users to have access to the same data set? If so, then a cloud-based datasource such as Airtable or Google Sheets or Firebase makes sense. But if instead each user needs to be able to update and personalize that data, then you would potentially use a local data source (or if you need the data to be available offline).

Yes, you can. Most people, I think, use Firebase for something like that.


As a pharmacist, I think I can see where you are going with your app. Because you will have a lot of relationships in you data (patients, medications, interactions, etc.) JSON objects are going to be the way to go. The thunkable documentation shows Get and Save blocks, but don’t use those. Use cloud variables. Cloud variables work save and read data to the same location as firebase, but are much simpler and reliable. Airtable/google sheets are easier at first, but will quickly turn into a mess and Thunkable breaks google sheets and airtable blocks every few months.

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Hi sorry for taking so long to respond. The first Database is an Airtable and I appreciate you for that piece advice, it really helped.

I was curious if it was possible to create personal databases for each user(e.g their personal medical history) using variables. I’m not sure how to store it in list form and display, which variable do you recommend I should use: app, stored or cloud.

Thanks you very much.

I would trust @drted’s advice and go with JSON/Firebase. In that case, cloud variables are a must.