Need help for idea

I’m new here and not yet start to do something… but I have an idea for a project (maybe user full not only for me). I like to realise an app to save and show in record and also in graph, blood test results. I want to save in db and show it. How would you think you would proceed? Thankyou

Here are my questions for you:

  1. Are you storing blood test results only for yourself? Or for other people, too?
  2. If only for yourself, where are you getting the data? Are you inputting it manually? Or getting it from a server?

Hi, no I want to save data only for myself. I put data by hand. And also like to have free input data value. For example, you need some data, and I need yours + other specific test (example I’m a transplant and need concentration of immunosuppressive pharma)

You could store the data in a local database on the device or in AirTable or Google Sheets. You’ll have to weigh the privacy issues with each. The local database is probably the easiest option. And you can use Text Input blocks to enter the data.

Start here:

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