Status bar color blending issue

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to follow up quickly on this. The fix that we were testing ended up not working as well as we had expected so we had to go back to the drawing board on this. We have some ideas as to how we can approach and fix the issue but it will take time to implement and fully test those.

This is a bit more complicated than it might seem. The short story is that React Native (which we use to build your apps) doesn’t natively support changing the status bar color on iOS. This is why the property is marked as Android only in our platform. Previously it was working with the screen’s background color because of a workaround that is no longer a viable option for various reasons.

I’m hoping that we can get this resolved soon. Sorry for the delay.


Hi @Steven

Thank you very much for taking the time to look into this. I am really hoping for an “official” solution or at least the implementation of one of the workarounds found through web searches.

Many thanks

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Yes, I’ve seen the implementations with web searches. Our system is a bit more complicated to work with since we are generating the app at run time and we don’t have a static set of screens/navigators like most apps do. In any case, I think we should be able to fix it. Just will take a little longer than I originally thought.


any update?

Any update?

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I’m looking forward to see update. I’ll pay for thunkable pro and publish my app into the App Store Immediately.


Can you give us an update about this?

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Hi Steven. Any ETA? Feel free to use us guinea-pigs.

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@wei can anyone from the Thunkable staff work exclusively on this and the multiple screen starts issues until they are solved? Some of us have not released apps for 6 months now because of these issues while paying for our Pro accounts and it is disheartening to see cycles being invested on introducing new features instead of fixing the existing ones which are already in use. I don’t know who leads the devs team but whoever it is, we need some sort of commitment that both issues will be solved in the next days. We are out of patience. We have been ignored for far too long. We need those issues fixed. This is your chance to prove thay Thunkable is run by professionals and not hobbyists.

Thank you


I’m having the same issue over here… Everything works great on Android, but we do have some problems on iOS. First we had to deal with an issue of our Web Viewer not filling the page on bigger screens (I have an iPhone 7 and didn’t have this problem). Here is what it looked like on a iPhone 12:

I fixed this by adding a block “Set web_viewer’s height to screen height” when page Opens (setting the web view height to 100% in parameters didn’t change anything).
Here is what we’ve got today:

We don’t see the page’s background color anymore, but now the web view seems to go under the status bar, and its height is too short for the data inside it… (Also I don’t know why, but the hour moved up a bit, while the rest didn’t move).

Any progress on this issue would be very much appreciated.

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Hey @yoannrky4dd , welcome to the community

There are two bugs that were focusing on at the moment - one is this status bar color issue and the other is an issue with how the opens and starts events fire when moving between screens.

It’s possible that the resizing issue here might be related to the second one, but I can’t say for sure.

Just confirming that this is for an app downloaded and installed on iOS? (Sounds strange, but I can imagine it might happen on Thunkable Live?)

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Hi @domhnallohanlon, and thanks for your quick answer.

It’s nice to hear that you’re focusing on those problems. I’m sure you’ll do it, but please let us know if you make any progress on that.

Just confirming that this is for an app downloaded and installed on iOS? (Sounds strange, but I can imagine it might happen on Thunkable Live?)

It is on the installed version yes, I don’t use the Thunkable Live to check the design, only for functionnalities.

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