Started a project with beta "features" selected and I regret it

The beta “features” appear to include intermittent crashing and severely diminished features of thankable classic.

Is there any way to port or change my project with beta “features” to a project without these beta “features”.

Discussed multiple Times.
Please search before Posting.
It’s not possible.

in Thunkable X anyway, Thunkable discuss is about Thunkable X

Hé means with classic snap to Place i think.

Didnt tried, but i guess that you can just export each screen from old app in “My screens”, then start a new app without checking “new DnD”, then just import all screens. You need to make some cleanning after, but maybe will work (because blocks are imported along with the screens too, so you dont have to start all over again).


Thank you. This seems to be the best way. :grinning:

If I’m not mistaken the DnD UI does not have Save Screen option and therefore you will not be able to save your screen to import it in another project.

The DnD used to have an option to add a screen from My Saved Screen but this option was then removed.

ive never worked with DnD so i dont know :thinking: i only supposed that have that feature… an imprtant one :roll_eyes: