Sprites not able to upload - Canvas screen blanks out

Good Morning,

I am having an issue with my APP. Every time I try to upload a .png or .jpg file as a SPRITE into the CANVAS — When I go to test the screen it goes completely white.
If I test it with the stock thunkable sprites, there is no issues. I have even tried not uploading sprites but using the URL for custom images as sprites but the same issue happens – it goes all white on the screen during testing.

Please Help!?
Here is the link to the APP

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It’s helpful that you included a link to your project but when your project has multiple screens, we need to know which screen is having the issue.

Ah sorry - it is the screen with the CANVAS – it’s named “GAMESCREENTHREE”

Thank you. What is the name of the sprite and the exact name of the asset you’re trying to view? Because when I picked an asset at random, it displayed correctly:

Yes that is the correct sprite we are trying to display. It comes up in the ‘design mode’ but when we run the program to test it… . The screen stays white and no sprites show.

When I test the project in Thunkable Live on an iPhone 11, the water bottle image appears along with the other sprites after about 2 seconds.

Can you give more details about how you’re testing this?

The testing is happening on a windows PC, using chrome.
We had the same issue running it on a MACbook pro using Chrome and Safari.

When I opened your link, none of the sprites had custom images assigned.

Can you post a link to the project with custom images assigned to at least one sprite and also post screenshots of what you’re seeing while editing and what you’re seeing when you preview in a browser?

It’s working for me on a Mac Mini M1 in Chrome.

Tested it on the phone and the sprites are working. The issue seems to be only on live testing within the browser.

Do you have a link to your project with the custom images that you would like to use?