Sprite collision with transparent sprite visible edge

If I have a sprite that has a transparent background, is it possible to detect a collision when something hits the visible part of the sprite or is it only possible to detect a collision with the square edge of the sprite, even if that part is transparent ?

Hope that makes sense

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This has been answered before by @actech I believe. The short answer is no.

…however, you may be able to try to limit the sprite’s transparent part at much as possible and then use the “Sensing > Distance between Sprite 1 and Sprite 2” block to allow Sprite 2 to “enter” the premisses of Sprite 1 using a negative value for the distance. Not sure if it will work and if that will require you to use it in combination with the “When Sprite 1 collides with Sprite 2” block; I am just throwing some ideas for you to test.

I thought that no would be the answer.

The other suggestion sounds complicated but I may have a play around with it at some point, but for now I will just try and make my sprites without any sticky out bits!