Issues with sprite causing transparent canvas to be opaque white. [July 2022]

If you set a canvas to be transparent and then add a sprite, you may notice that you loose the transparency. This bug has been reported and is being looked into.



Hey @jared, I’m having this problem, too. Is there a timeline on a fix?

I have a needle on a chart that will rotate to show barometric pressure. If you need any additional info, please let me know.


Screen Shot 2022-11-02 at 1.52.40 PM

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Hi @deanmachine, our team has flagged this as a bug and we did note that you are seeing the same issue too now. Would you be able to DM me your project link so that I can add it as an example of the sprite not working? Thanks!

Hi @conroy, I removed that sprite from my project b/c it didn’t work and am using conditional images instead. But I’d like to add it back when it’s working properly. How can I get a heads up?

@deanmachine I’ll make a note to keep you updated on this, it may get moved up as a higher priority bug now that we are seeing an increase in users experiencing the problem. You can also keep an eye out on our Release Notes to see what changes and fixes are being deployed.

Feel free to reach out if you need anything else!

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