Canvas, Stage, Sprite are not loading, not visible

I’ve spent the past 2 hours reading a lot of posts about this, but haven’t seen any solutions that worked for me, yet.

I’ve tried it with Main opening, with Canvas loading, and even with a test button click.

All I’m trying to do right now is make it visible in-app. My guess is I’m missing a block or two. Any suggestions?

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 4.57.30 PM

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 5.12.56 PM

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 4.52.18 PM

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 4.52.04 PM

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 2.34.43 PM

Are you doing anything to hide the sprite? Sprites are visible by default so you don’t need a block to show them.

Maybe try a different image format for the sprite…?

If possible, post a link to your project. There may be something more obvious happening that we can’t tell just from the info you provided.

I started with sprites today, so I’m just now starting to figure them out. What I’m trying to do is create a barometer dial and use the needle as a sprite that rotates based on the datapoints.

It’ll only be 9px wide, but I created a large canvas, to see if it would help.

It appears for me in Thunkable Live (iPhone 11) and in Chrome when previewed:

@muneer Did you say you can rotate components? In DnD or jut StP? It would probably be easier to do this without a canvas if possible…

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I just noticed that, too. I cleared my 7-day history and had to log back in. When I did, I saw the same thing. Odd it wouldn’t happen on a hard reset and only clearing history.

Using sprites is the only solution I could find to rotate an asset, using DnD. Now that it’s visible, I don’t think it’ll be too hard. It has an angle property I can use and I would connect it to a (simple) tiered set of conditions (28.0-28.9 = 240º, 29.0-29.9= 280º).

Sprite Properties

I’m wide open to any suggestions or other ideas, though.

Screen Shot 2022-10-23 at 9.55.58 PM

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Actually, I was referring to the fact that JavaScript itself allows rotation (transformation) which is also available in StP but for design only settings.

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