[Resolved Bug] Code for Game Screen

Hello. Hope you’re in great condition.

I want to consult about my block-codes seem to have a bug. Today, I was checking another screen to repair my screen look better. but, when I see the game screen, it seems the sprite is all gone in code (15 error). However, the sprite was still there. Is there any solution for that?

Does the sprite show up on the Canvas tab? If so, can you post a screenshot of that?

What happens if you click on Mario and Mario’s Flag and select those again on the Blocks tab?

The sprites are still there in canvas. However, when we back to block and click the sprite’s option, there is no option for any sprites.

Thanks in advanced Mr Tatiang :slight_smile:

Sorry, it’s only helpful if we can see the sidebar:

I’m not sure but it sounds like you may need to re-create the sprites.

This is the sidebar of the screen. Yeah, maybe I should recreate it mr. That’s okay. thank you mr

The other thing I would try is to drag in new move and set blocks to see if that fixes the problem before you change the sprites.

Hi @arrizalfitrahf28brs, thanks for flagging this. We are aware of the issue that is causing this behavior and are working on getting it fixed ASAP. I will provide further updates here as we get them. Thank you for your patience.

Yes Mr Tatiang, I’m already done that and still the same, the option sprite is still gone. Thanks for the advice Mr :slight_smile:

Yes mr, thanks :slight_smile:

@arrizalfitrahf28brs We released a fix overnight for the issue you were having. You may need to do a hard refresh of your browser for the settings to take effect.