Spreadsheets table change

I have been trying to use the set table name option but it doesn’t seem to work. I basically have to make a unique checklist for each user (using firebase sign in option). I made tables on airtable named after the unique ID of each user and after the login page I want to set the table name to the unique ID of the user. Is there any alternative way to do that since the set table name option is not working?

As an alternative method I can recommend to change the data structure so that it was possible to use a single table (AirTable, or Firebase). In Firebase possible for each user to do their separate root nodes, and in AirTable you could list for each user to put in one cell.

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Thankk you so much!
Could you pleassee elaborate a little?

I can think, if you show me the structure of your data.

I just want to second that I had this problem, as well. I’ve worked around it as suggested.

How did you fix this problem?

I made a few columns for identifying the record I want to select and put everything in one table. I then get all rows of that table and search row by row for a record with the properties I want.

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