Split values form List View Items

Hi, Friends This is my list, From this list when clicked item i want get first object value of clicked item.
example; In my list
1st row value is
2nd row value is
like this my list now if i clicked row 1st i want get ABCD
If i clicked row 2nd i want get Test
Please help me someone.

Thank you Friends.

Use the block called when list_viewer 1 item click. Then put in the blocks that you want.

Sorry friend can you explain with blocks.

Would like me to take a photo of the block?

Let me see…

Try making separate list viewers then use the block when CUS_List_Viewer item click do set label1’s text to whatever text you want.

This is current result but i want show BALACHANDAR only

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Use the block set label1’s text to… Then put the text you want.

No friend it should take from list when i click item

Take a look at the code blocks I’ve used. There I’ve just wanted the top text. So take a look at the blocks with this thunkable app link:Thunkable

@codelover1234 No, this is not dynamic. It won’t work with anything other than “Hi” in the top line.

@balabharathi.slmkx98 How are you storing the data in the list viewer? How are you creating the three-line entries? Are you using join and newline blocks? Share a screenshot of the blocks you are using.


Hi, Mr.Tatiang finally i got solution with this blocks its working after trying different way’s thanks for your reply.

I made this test list

and used this code

When I click, I get the first line only

Easy and does not need to go back to the database.

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It would be easiest to store this data as a list of objects with several key/value pairs. Easier to work with the data for me this way

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I believe the data is retrieved from Firebase but the developer decided to parse it this way in the List Viewer so it would be easier to get the first line of text using Text substring.

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Thanks a lot sir you made very simplify my blocks. thanks once again sir


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