List Viewer Item to Detail Page

Unfortunately, I am still getting stuck to complete the task to make a list viewer item to go to the detail page (which is on another Page) my code is below.

The data is coming from thunkable most example shows its coming from local storage which in my case this is not the case

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Your blocks are going to take the name of the listviewer item that was clicked and assign it to a variable. For example, if the listviewer has the items “hello” and “goodbye” and you click on the second item, then app variable search item will contain the value “goodbye”.

Then in your DETAILS_SEARCH screen, you’re not using that variable’s value to get any data. What is it you want to do with that value? You would need to Get data from Airtable. And I’m pretty sure you’re going to want to use the index block instead of the item block since index will have the value of the row number for the item you clicked.

It’s generally a bad idea to assign different variable types to the same variable. It may work but you may also get an error/crash. You’re currently assigning text AND a column object to app variable search item.

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Yay!!! I figured it out, and it works!! Thank you I’m learning !!! I’m learning!!! Thank you all for all your patience!!! #ThunkableRocks