Detail Page Is Displaying the wrong Listview Item

The vision is when you click on an item from the Listviewer it will take you to that item’s detailed page. The problem is: when you click on it, it takes me to a detailed page but it pulls up the wrong item.

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On your searchDetails screen, what happens if you set a label’s text value to app variable searchItem? Let’s say you click the 2nd item in the List Viewer… what does the label display? It should show 2. Does it?

And then what happens if you replace the app variable searchItem blocks on the searchDetails page with the number 2? Do you see the correct information or not?

Finally, what does your database look like (at least the first few rows)? And which incorrect info is it showing (e.g. row 1, row 3, row 4)?

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Of course it will display something that might not be related to the correct data in the table.

You are using the index of the List Viewer to read values from the table (this is what I’m guessing) but you are using a search function to short list items in the List Viewer therefore, the index of the list viewer is not the same as the row ID in the table.

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so should I change it out as a DataViewer instead?

If I click the second item it displays the correct item in the detail page… If I click the first item then the detail page is wrong. I did check the list viewer click box from index to item.

I wouldn’t really be able to help you without knowing the answers to the questions I asked.

Actually I did answer your questions I said yes the information is correct when I click the second item and no it’s not correct when I click the first item

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Can you be more specific in this point.

Try two different scenarios

  • All list (no search)
    When you click on an item from the list without using the search option. Does it show the correct item the first time or it still shows different items.
  • Partial list (using search)
    This time, use the search option and click an item from the search result and see if you are getting the first item correct or not.

You need to try both cases and report back so we can help determining what could be the cause.

I’m sorry for bugging you guys but this is the last issue that I have before launching my app:

ok so I believe the error is in the index.

What I am trying to do:


  1. It shows the wrong row item

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