Question about simple list viewer and pulling data

As is shown I’m using a search bar to search for items. When i type in “item1” and click on it, it returns item1’s properties on a different page. However, when i clear and type in item2, it still returns item1’s properties instead of item2’s.

Extra bit: When i clear the text input, and all the items stay listed, i can click on item2 and it’ll return the correct properties of item2.
It seems like it’s pulling the data based on what row the item is in on the list itself then just matches it to the same row ID as in my database. How do i make it so that it pulls the correct data? Sorry if it’s a bit unclear

Forgot to share but this is what the property screen looks like

It just pulls the property from my DB from the different columns. It does this correctly for the columns, but not for the rows

EDIT: After messing with it some more this was my “working” result. Can this be any better or is this the best/easiest way to do it? I’m having it read the entire list and find the first occurence of the item

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