Help with JSON arrays and matching item properties

I’ve searched and found some helpful info, but not the magic bullet to solving my issue. I am retrieving JSON from a web API, which is going fine. A JSON object is returned which contains a list, each list item has several properties. I’m trying to accomplish a couple of things:

  1. Item names populating a list viewer (I got this part working fine).
  2. When an item in the list viewer is pressed, the rest of that list item’s properties should be retrieved to be displayed. This is where I’m having trouble…I can get a list of item names out of the JSON just fine, but how to then go back and retrieve the other properties for the object who’s name matches the one selected?

Hi @mreyeball :wave: welcome to the Thunkable - just in relation to working with JSON, there’s a helpful post here:

And in relation to retrieving the matching properties for an object, something like this might guide you? The approach I took was to store the ListItem index in a variable, and then based on that value get all the data that corresponded to that index.