[Solved] Create Details Page from ListViewer

I have my ListViewer pulling a couple of fields from Airtable and displaying properly. When I click on an item (the arrow in ListViewer) I want to go to a Details Page that will allow me to display all of the fields in the record, not just the three fields on the ListViewer line. Blocks follow. (The Item Click block is the work-in-progress.). As always, I appreciate any help or hints.

You can use the green index block to reference the row number that the user clicked.

Save that to a variable and then in your details screen, pull data from Airtable using the variable value as the row number.

Thank you. I am able to get the row number to show up on the details page. Now, to display the variables from the row, I do a Get Row from Airtable (see my blocks below). What is method to extract each of the data items into fields on the details page. First time I have used the row index. Thank you again.

Solved. Block posted below. Thank you.