💦 SPITe: the game about spitting

:sweat_drops: SPITe is (WIP) game about spitting. Out of spite. On people. And a bike[r]s. And cars. And paper planes. It is a homage to the 1995 game “Beavis and Butt-Head in Virtual Stupidity”; or more precise a spitting mini-game from that game (somehow I remember I had that mini-game as a standalone game, though).

You are playing as a delinquent on top of a school building, starting with a score of 0 and 60 seconds to reach a goal of 25. You can change position of the player by dragging him left-right, and you can adjust the distance by dragging player (though he won’t move up-down, but the red marker on the left will). When you release your finger, our protagonist will spit. Note that distance is crucial, as spit can fly over if the distance marker is too far from the target you are trying to hit. Once the goal is reached, you’ll get additional 45 seconds and a new goal to chase.

Spitting on a man right below you gives you 2 points, while spitting on a bike will give you 5 points, and car will give you 10 points. Every once in a while, the spit will turn green, and whatever you hit will give you twice as much as a regular spit. Hitting a paper plane with regular spit will double your current score, and hitting it with a green spit will triple your score, which is awesome but can also be dangerous because the goal increases too.

The game also features a global high score list (hall of fame) where the top 10 players will be displayed, along with the flag of their country. I must say the high score table is made only with freeware tools I’ve found on the internet, I’m not hosting anything for it to work. If you want, I can make a tutorial on how to use it.

The game is made with Thunkable only, without using any extensions at all. It’s still a bit clunky and crashes sometimes, but hey, it’s a WIP. I also have no idea how will it behave on different screen sizes because background image is stretched and sprites are positioned using percentages :confused: Internet connection is required for submitting/reading scores; but there are no checks in the code (yet) so I don’t know if it will work offline. It took me ~24 hours of work to make this.

Download here: MEGA

Graphics by https://kenney.nl/
Map made with http://www.mapeditor.org/
Background sounds by http://naturesoundsfor.me/
Spitting sounds by myself :joy: :sweat_drops: :microphone:
GeoIP by http://freegeoip.net/
Highscore table by http://dreamlo.com/


Hahahaha… I remember that game, I think I got a demo disc with a computer magazine?

Thanks for the links too @Avram, never heard of dreamlo.com before, will definitely check it out!

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I was looking for a cloud highscore table service because I couldn’t bother to code one for myself. It’s not great but it’s good for the price (free), and very easy to use; plus it allows you to store arbitrary string with each record (that’s where I store country code for the flag :wink: )


Second place :metal:


Awesome! :2nd_place_medal:

Aim for the paper planes, that’s how I got 1365. I got x2 near score of 200 and then x3 right after that, near 400. But I should definitely increase time added when score is doubled/tripled, because I had to get about 300 points in about a minute.

What do you guys think? Should I invest more time in this and eventually publish it on the play store?


Yes you should publish it. :+1:

Definitely yes. But I personally think that the success of this application is that you convert it into the Beavis and Butt-head fan app. I know there is a risk of copyright but I think that if you manage to somehow not infringe it, it will be a sure success!

I’m afraid I can’t use Beavis and Butt-head name/characters without infringing copyright :frowning: but I could use Beaver and Thunk-head :grin:

Think about this, they have childrens and your app is about Beavis Jr. & Butt-head Jr.

solved! :sunglasses: