Looking for a time waster? Search no more

You only have 5 spins to increase the speed and beat the high score. Really fun to play with others.
In the video doesn’t look like it spins smoothly but thats because of the fps the video was recording. It actually spins very smoothly in the app.

Video here:


Cool design :+1:

By the way, I hate spinners, for me it’s just a way of losing time :sweat_smile:

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I do hate them too! LOL

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we need more fidget spinner apps…
probably also a fidget spinner app contest? (joking) :wink:


@Taifun You make a really cool app that looks like it’s going to revolutionize the world, and you get 5 downloads. You make something like this… millions. :grin:


Nice layout :thumbsup:

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Does the best display highest scorer or the recent player?

Only the higher score. If you don’t reach the high score… sad trombone…

I first made 500 score, then I scored 3 turns in next turn and so it displays the latest score, not the high score.

Really? I’ll check what’s going on. Thanks.

I downloaded the app from the store to make sure it’s the same and trying to reproduce that, but it saves the higher score only.
I’ll check the blocks later.

Thanks again for trying it.

Great app.

Ah… the beauty of sarcasm :wink:

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I like the design and it’s a nice concept.

I got 596 on my first go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thanks for trying it.