#Spin the Wheel

Spin the Wheel
This app is currently in development.

  • If you are playing any board game like monopoly or lucky draw …you don’t need to find for dice anywhere … download my app and swipe the wheel.

  • 4 wheels can be used to spin at a time

  • You can select max number you want.

  • You can either swipe or shake mobile to rotate the wheel.

I will be glad to have suggestions from you guys. Please give the review.


From a statistical point of view it is not the same spinning one wheel with points from 1 to 12 or throwing two dice with points from 1 to 6. Have you considerded allowing more wheels contemporaneously?

I have not yet added the multiple wheels to spin at the same time. But I think its nice idea to have multiple wheels. I will surely add them in few days.

That will make it very nice!

By the way, why do you ask camera and WiFi for installing the app?

I have not used either camera or WiFi… When I installed, it didn’t ask for anything…

Now I have added 4 wheels check it out.

Nice! In the meantime i found out that most of the apps made with thunkable ask for video and WiFi.
A few more suggestions:
Could you keep the screen always on with puravida extention taifun tools?
The wheels normally stop in the middle of a number, it would be more suspense if they stop randomly and the end value appears a little later.
Also for augmenting suspense the fiction should be progressive and a bit more fluent.

Anyway, great job!

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Thanks for your suggestions.
I now added keep screen on block from taifuns tool extension.
I will soon make smooth friction.

Hey! This is what I have been looking for except I have some ideas for the functionality of the wheel and was wondering about some edits for it. I want to make the sections of the wheel not numbers, but locations based on someones GPS location. It would randomly pick a location based on someones Device location data for them. There is more depth to my idea but was wondering if this would be possible.