Daily Spin for Rewards?!

You guys might know that in a lot of mobile games there’s a daily spin to keep the player interested, right? Well I was wondering how that would work out if I was making my game with Thunkable. Can someone please help, thank you! (I need help with everything related, even the information about whether or not it’s possible).

Hi there,
You wanna to make a daily spin with reward,right?
So,you have to do is create a variable for the spinner,I assume your spinner can only spin once,and will he available back after a day.You have to create a variable that trigger did the user spinned or not.If spinned set the spin button to disable.
Moreover,you have to set a variable thats detect the default day of the time,and detect after 24 hrs time.
If after 24 hrs,set the spin button disable to false.

The reward system that detect if user have clicked the spin button then give the reward to that user and set the spin button disable to true.

And you can change the reward giveaway by airtable or firebase.It’s up to you.

I know my explanation is not clear,but I hope this long paragraph would inspire you.


Here’s several questions I have; How do I make a variable? How do I make it so you can’t spin it after a day? What if I want my variable to be a circle, how would I make that? How do I make my variable like a wheel such as the wheel of fortune and customize the text; perhaps an image? I want it so that whenever you land on a certain part you get something different and it gets added to a score. And also your paragraph was a bit vague but overall it was a pretty good explanation :slight_smile:

The best thing you can do is learn Thunkable from scratch. There are many tutorials and guides available. Once you have started creating your app and run into trouble that’s the time to ask questions.

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Okay, thank you! I’ll look around and see if I can figure out a solution.