How to do a Spinning Wheel?

hello please if someone have spinwheel project please share it thank you

You can use canvas for that, I have a Lucky Wheel in my as well:

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okey can i have the link of page or project please

If you’re wonder about the code, you just need to check if the object’s direction is between two angles. For example,


yes i just needt an exemple of project , like when user click on start wheel is spenning and after it show him a message like , “congratulations you are lucky” or something like that please if you can help

Hi there,

I can’t share my code with you because it is a part of a big project, but I hope I can help you out with the followings:

First, I created a canvas for the wheel like this:

Hint: On my wheel I have 6 equal parts, each of them are 60 degrees.

I spin the wheel like this:

And finally, I check the result like this:

Hope, that helped.

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ok thank you so much i will try this i need just blocks and canvas i will try it and give you an answer thank you again

and please for showing message after user spine the wheel , like “congratulations you are lucky” how i can add this ?

Just hide the canvas and display a label.

ite diffecult to understand :confused: , and how to stop wheel after spinning for 5seconds like this

That way the wheel will stop, but this is my code in my app, you can modify this.

haha i can not stop the wheel and its spinning in 2 sides how i can make it spinning just in left and stop it after 5 or 6 seconds ?

Did you copy my block correctly? It should work.

Here is the sample link: Thunkable

But it might not work because Thunkable is buggy and you can’t copy project having canvas in it properly.

bro thank you its work now the link work now thank you so much and sorry for disturbing

If it is working, please mark this topic as solved, thanks!

Just to visualize the project: (8)

yes its solved brother thank you so much and sorry for disturbing you

No problem, anytime.