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Error message in android thunkable app where i test my apps. The apps are working when testing in PC but not in my android phone. It was working before but sometime after it just wont work. I tried to create a new project but then the new project wont work to. I tried to delete the old project and create new one but it gives the same error message.

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This error can be caused by many different things. You’ll need to debug your project. One way to do this is to remove blocks temporarily to see what is causing the issue (make a backup of the project first if needed). Or you may want to use a method I use:


Thanks for the fast reply @tatiang. The problem is its not working when im testing it using the thunkable app in android but its working while testing it using my laptop in the
I can’t test the QR code scanner im developing in laptop so I try it using phone and got that

error message in my phone.

You can still follow the debugging steps I recommended to find where the problem occurs. The differences between devices (e.g. processor speed, memory, etc.) can cause the same project to function differently.

I’ll share the link the app Im developing. Please try it using your phone. Hoping for your response.

Circling around here @cresencio.bermejohxz

Did you get this sorted out?

I can’t access that link.

I did so many things to make it work but in the end, I rewrote the code and use my phone to test it but still found the same error. So I deleted all my projects and remade it again, this time it works just fine in the web but still not able to complete it because every time the code gets complicated the phone version of the app gives me an error(web version works fine but not on the android phone version ). There was a time when even the navigate to other screen block wont work using a button. I even used the account of my colleague to test the navigate to other screen block using a button but the mobile app still wont work. So I rested for a day or two. Now the navigate to other screen block using a button is working fine, I guess there is a bug that got fixed during my rest. I try again today and update you on it

sorry @tatiang I deleted the project thinking that its the problem causing my other project to crash.

Are you using a data viewer? There is a reported bug in which if you pass a null value to the data viewer data source it shows the above error

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