Problem in thunkable live of blocks

hi, i face problem one is my app work in my computer but when i open it in phone, it didnt work probably especially screens (gpac, stuffinfo2, screen9), and this message was shown
something has gone wrong. check your blocks and reset this page, how can fix it?

You have 498 blocks on the first screen “gpac” alone. That’s a lot to look through to try and help you.

You will need to do some debugging yourself. I have a method I use that helps me find where a crash is occurring: Debugging in Thunkable X (Video).

If you know where the crash (error) occurs, post the details of where that is in your blocks and what you’re doing (just loading a screen or clicking on a button or typing something in…) that causes that to happen.

i fix screen gpac and screen9. still stuffinfo2 doesnt work on thunkable live (it work in my computer)

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