[Solved] Yandex Invalid Parameter Lang

Invalid Parameter Lang-
I am Using Spreadsheet of Airtable for languages from Yandex.

List is picking up right values and showing in label, this value is then setup as source language for translator, same way Target language is selected. But when I actually press translate button, it says invalid parameter lang.

I think the issue is somewhere of selected text from list. “English” is choosen so set language doesnt recognise English as it is or it needs some combination of texts ?

Please guide

Try to change language using simple blocks. If it works, and with AirTable doesn’t work, the problem in the logic with Airtable. If using text blocks does not work, then the problem is something else.

Text blocks are working. It’s something with the text of aur table, because even the list is called properly and displaying correctly. Something wrong in text parameter.

If you only use AirTable to store a list of languages ​​in it, I would suggest using the list instead. The application will work with the local list much faster and more reliably than with AirTable.

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Ok will do that as well.

By the way issue solved, it was case sensitive text. so fixed it…

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I just did that and its way fast now… @actech