Invalid parameter: lang

Hi guys!
I want to try create a translator which can translate any lang to another. But I have problem with parameters of lang. When I set source lang from List Viewer, it give me: “invalid parameter: lang”. Please help me.

Sorry about my english if I have mistakes.

But when I set target or source lang from Text Input it has working. And I think that List Viewer changes the text. Please explain me this problem.

Hey @amadalievdaniyarzapm Welcome to the communtiy!

Is this when you are clicking on English or Russian or both?

Also, you might have omitted the blocks, but I can’t see where you set either the source or the target to be the contents of the list viewer - are you setting the listviewer elements in the Designer?

Finally, is there some particular reason why you need two list variables like this? Both source and target look identical to me.